The Treetures have a special friend. His name is Tim Womick. He likes to run and ride a bicycle. He travels all over the U.S.A. He visits other countries too. He goes to schools and tree planting events. Everywhere he stops, he plants a tree.Even though Treetures are only 2 inches tall, when they hear that a tree is being planted by kids or by Tim, they can magically grow big enough to join the tree planting party.

Tim Womick "Thinks Green"

Please help Tim and his Treeture friends find their way
to the correct spot to plant their seedling.

Download PDF 
Print out the maze. Write the number on the sign that matches the description of the spot. Draw a circle around the right spot for planting a tree.

1. Underground utilities
(pipes etc.)

4. Wet, marshy area

2. Very dry, rocky and sandy soil

5. Too close to house and other tree

3. Overhead wires

6. Just enough sun, space
and rich soil to grow a tree