What is a Magic Treeture Forest Nursery?
Magic Treeture Forest Nurseries are special tree nurseries planted by young children. These small forest nurseries are deigned to grow trees at elementary schools or other designated spaces in a community. Elementary school children are encouraged to plant tree seedlings that are native to their location. With the help of teachers, youth leaders and volunteers, they watch over their nursery and act as stewards until the trees are strong enough to be transplanted to permanent homes in their community.

How many trees grow in a Magic Treeture Forest Nursery?
The nursery I can have 10 total trees or thousands of trees, depending upon the available space and care plan.


Observing your nursery. . .
Year around, observations of seedling growth by the children involved is an educational and satisfying project. Each year of growth should include observation of sizes of trees, local wildlife, the influences of weather conditions, availability of water resources, effects of insect infestation or disease upon the seedlings and remedies used to control stress on the young trees. A transplanting record as the trees are moved to larger spaces until the desired final transplanting size has been rich should be included

Who could be your partners?
Most states have free seedling opportunities to help begin the project. Grants may be available to help you get your seedlings. Local tree service organizations, nurseries and arborist enjoy the opportunity to partner with a youth group seeking to begin a nursery. In many cases towns parent-teacher organizations and local agencies could be good partners too. Youth mentors from middle school, high school, scouts and 4-H clubs are source for helpful volunteers. Information concerning the type of trees best suited it to your location, planting techniques and general tree care may be available from your local partners.



Full color images of the Treeture’s can be downloaded here,then printed and attached to twigs or a popsicle sticks to stand is Treeture Guardians for each seedling.

Magic Treeture Forest Nursery Tree Keeping Certificates are also available for printing.

Growing and Graduating
with Your Tree

A healthy tree planted in kindergarten or first grade will be ready to graduate to its permanent home at the same time is the child who planted the tree is ready to move on to middle school.

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