The Trees Along the 2011 STIHLTour des Trees Route!

Trees dressed in their fall colors welcomed the cyclists as they rode from Virginia Beach to Washington, DC.

The Scarlet Oak is the tree of the District of Columbia and the Flowering Dogwood is the State tree of Virginia.

There were many species of oak trees. Among those found in this part of the United States are White Oaks, Pin Oaks, Northern Red Oaks and Willow Oaks.

There was a very large Willow Oak not far from the Capitol Building.

There were Yellow Poplars, Pawpaw trees, Sassafras trees, Virginia Pines, Maples, Magnolias, Hazelnut and Sweetgums.

From the leaves in the crowns to the branches and twigs, the Treetures enjoyed watching the cyclists ride by.

Autumn, danced her way from tree to tree helping each leaf to show its true colors!

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